Pest Control Vancouver 

Vancouver is the heavy populated region of the Lower Mainland. In Vancouver, Ideal Pest Control deals with all kind of pests including, but not limited to:

Business and home owners in Vancouver are also affected by various type of pest threats. Food service businesses need to be extra conscious for cockroaches. The American cockroach and the tiny German cockroach can easily be found and infest food service related businesses. We exterminate these pests by using a variety of methods.

Some of these methods include:

  • trapping
  • pest proofing
  • habitat/ location modifications

Our services are not just a one time solution—we always follow up with you to prevent the treated pest problem from coming back. We offer monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly trips to your location depending on your needs and provide you 100% satisfaction.

Ideal Pest Control Vancouver has years of experience in providing pest control services. Our highly skilled and trained team of professionals will help you get rid of pests without putting you under any sort of health risks.

We practice the IPM technique that limits the use of chemical substances. Using less-toxic and eco-friendly compounds keep you & your loved ones healthy and the environment non-toxic. 

Commerical/ Residential Pest Control 

Pests can cause serious trouble within the workplace. Effective pest management is super important for restaurants and the food industry as a whole. Ideal pest control offers a wide range of affordable commercial pest control solutions tailored to the nature of the business and its unique needs.


Commercial Pest Control

We understand that each and every business warrants a unique approach. The needs of your business will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Residential Pest Control

Our homeowner and residential programs are a great way to manage the pest roaming round your neighborhood.