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Fruit Fly

Fruit fly or vinegar flies occasionally become a pest in homes, restaurants, fruit markets or similar places containing food sources. In the home they are found near decaying potatoes, fruits and vegetables, flower bulbs. fruit flies like bread and baked goods containing yeast, beer, pop and fruit juices, and vinegar. Fruit flies are, brown yellow or brown black in color. They will also breed in dishwater from sinks, drain water from refrigerators .Fruit flies  are also found in water from floor scrubbing that contain food particles that will ferment under favorable conditions. They commonly have reddish eyes and are small.

Disposal of infested items is generally sufficient to eliminate fruit fly. Fermenting food products are the most obvious breeding areas. Carefully search for an accumulation of rotting fruits or vegetables or other breeding areas and destroy them. Keep the Opened jars of fruit and vegetables in the refrigerator.

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If you are finding fruit fly in your kitchen, especially around your sink or fridge, they may not be fruit flies at all. A second type of small fly that is frequently encountered in the kitchen area is the moth  fly. Drain flies  congregate around kitchen drains, laying their eggs in the organic matter that collects in the bottom of your garbage disposal or pipes. A drain fly differs in appearance from a fruit fly in that a drain fly, also known as moth flies or sewer gnats, is fuzzy with a smaller body and larger wings than a fruit fly. They are frequently mistaken for small moths since the wings are held roof-like over the body when at rest. They are weak fliers and  are oftenly jumping or hopping.

You may see drain flies on walls and flat surfaces during the day. At night they feed and fly in and around the drains. A drain fly lives for about two weeks. You may be able to kill a good number of the flies during the day, but the drain fly larvae can live in the drain and reproduce endlessly. Get rid of their breeding ground to get rid of them .Drain fly infestations is eliminated only by removing the larval food source. The larvae usually breed in sink and bathroom drain traps. Thorough cleaning of drain traps with drain cleaners  and long-handled brushes will remove hair and trapped debris. Bleach does not work to kill the larvae so don’t just pour bleach down the drain.

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