How to control cockroaches with Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

cockroach control by integrated pest management

For the best control of Cockroaches it is important to adopt the IPM program. This program involves:


There are many species of Cockroaches that exist. Every species may need a different control strategy. For example, the solution for the German cockroach is different than the solution for the Asian cockroach. Sometimes, outdoor species such as the the Smoky Brown cockroach nymph are mistaken for indoor species such as the German cockroach. The most important step before treatment is to determine what species of cockroach is causing your problem so that appropriate actions can be taken.


Cockroach populations increase very fast. Sometimes their presence goes unnoticed until they start posing a health risk. In order to find out the extent of the problem, the area where cockroaches are most likely to be found should be inspected thoroughly. For this purpose, a flushing agent chemical like Pyrethrin can be used. You can also use a flash light to look into areas that are difficult to see otherwise. Glue traps can be placed accordingly to figure out the area of infestation. The traps would help us figure out they type of Cockroach present, the level of population and pinpoint the problem areas.

Prediction and evaluation

After identification and inspection, the next step is to predict when peak levels will be reached so that a timeline for treatment can be set and followed.


After the steps above are followed, its time to decide whether to go with a chemical or non chemical treatment. We can now also decide where to treat and when to treat as well as which areas should be carefully treated in accordance to any pets or children on the residence.